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Listenin To You is an online therapy platform made up of a team of warranted psychotherapists based in Malta. We offer online chat and video therapy sessions, ideal for those who wish to have therapy from the comfort of their home. To make a booking you need to follow a few simple steps. Watch this video to better understand how it works.

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I had been facing the same old issues, over and over and over again. I felt exhausted and totally stuck. Therapy helped me pull myself out of that rut, and now I am so much more at peace with myself and with my partner. I have discovered a whole new way of living.
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Minn dejjem kont nistħi nitkellem dwar ċerti affarijiet personali. Kont nimmaġina li qed nagħmel xi ħaġa ħażina, u minħabba dan ser nigi ġġudikat. Bit-terapija, skoprejt li s-sitwazzjoni tiegħi hi ferm komuni, u ma fiha xejn tal-mistħija. Qed inħossni aktar komdu miegħi nnifsi u ma’ l-egħżież tiegħi.
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My therapist has been very helpful. She listens to my concerns and supports me to discover new, more productive ways to reach my goals. In the beginning it was not easy, but now I am experiencing positive differences in all aspects of my life.
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Receiving therapy was a totally unfamiliar concept to me. I had always battled with my issues on my own. My experience with my therapist was a real eye-opener. It broadened my horizons and empowered me to see things so much more clearly.
Online Sessions
Kienet l-ewwel darba li fittixt l-għajnuna u għall-bidu ma kontx qed inħossni komdu nitkellem. Wara l-ewwel session biddilt fehmti għax mat-terapista tkellimt fuq affarijiet li kienu qegħdin idejquni u ħassejt li minix waħdi.
Online Sessions
Għaddejt minn esperjenzi iebsin u bqajt nhossni mdejqa u konfuża. Fit-terapija bdejt nara l-affarijiet iktar ċari. Issa li qed nifhem iktar lili nnifsi nixtieq nibqa nieħu l-għajnuna ħalli nasal fejn nixtieq. Grazzi tas sapport!
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Click on 'Get Started' and fill in the short questionnaire. Your input will help us determine if therapy is a good option for you.   To register you have to follow the link in your email.   Once you have entered your personal details all you have to do is choose your therapist and book a session.    You will then receive a second email confirming your booking.  You will also be sent a link and a code which will enable you to connect with your chosen therapist at the pre-arranged date and time. 

You first need to complete and submit your site registration.  You will also be asked to answer a few questions about yourself. This will help the therapist to get to know you better and may also help clarify the nature of your issue and lay the ground for further exploration during therapy.     This means that you will be able to use the time to work directly on the issue you wish to present.

At ListeninToYou only your therapist will have access to your information. ListeninToYou is EV SSL certified. This means that the site offers a high level of encryption, security and trust.

This site uses Paypal as an easy and secure way to make a payment. This means that you will not directly give us your credit card number but pay through your Paypal Account. Should you need to register for a Paypal account you can follow this link:

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