What is Online Therapy?

Listenin To You offers online chat therapy which is a form of psychotherapy that takes place over the internet. Here you will be able to log in through our secure server and meet your therapist on chat in the comfort of your home.

Online therapy is ideal if you:

  • Have a busy lifestyle.
  • Have limited mobility.
  • Are living abroad.
  • Prefer not to meet your therapist face-to-face.
  • Like to express yourself in writing.

While online therapy carries many benefits it also has its own disadvantages. Online therapy may not be the best fit for persons who are:

  • Experiencing suicidal thoughts.
  • Have serious psychiatric illnesses.
  • Need to feel the physical presence of the therapist.
  • Are not comfortable with sharing their details online.

How does Online Therapy Work?

You will first be asked to fill in a short online questionnaire to help us understand you better. Then go to booking and make a payment. Following payment you will receive a confirming email. On the day and time of your appointment you can log in and meet your chosen therapist for your 50 minute chat session.

What if I am interested in face-to-face sessions?

In that case you can send an email to and we shall link you with the therapist of your choice.

Who will help you?

At Listenin to You, you will meet with registered psychotherapists based in Malta. Our therapists are experienced in giving online support. With your therapist you will talk in strict confidentiality about your currents thoughts, feelings and life issues.

Online therapy may help you to:

  • Understand why things bother you and what you can do about this
  • Feel more confident
  • Have fewer negative thoughts
  • Improve your relationship with family and friends
  • Find ways of relieving your stress and anxiety
  • Cope with experiences of loss and grief
  • Deal with past traumatic experiences


Online Chat

per session

  • 50 minute chat session with your therapist
  • Book your appointment online
  • Payment through Paypal
  • Receive confirming email
  • Secure log-in on Listenin To You
  • Chat handled via secure encrypted servers