Frequently Asked Questions

Click on 'Get Started' and fill in the short questionnaire. Your input will help us determine if therapy is a good option for you.   To register you have to follow the link in your email.   Once you have entered your personal details all you have to do is choose your therapist and book a session.    You will then receive a second email confirming your booking.  You will also be sent a link and a code which will enable you to connect with your chosen therapist at the pre-arranged date and time. 

You first need to complete and submit your site registration.  You will also be asked to answer a few questions about yourself. This will help the therapist to get to know you better and may also help clarify the nature of your issue and lay the ground for further exploration during therapy.     This means that you will be able to use the time to work directly on the issue you wish to present.

At ListeninToYou only your therapist will have access to your information. ListeninToYou is EV SSL certified. This means that the site offers a high level of encryption, security and trust.

This site uses Paypal as an easy and secure way to make a payment. This means that you will not directly give us your credit card number but pay through your Paypal Account. Should you need to register for a Paypal account you can follow this link: https://www.paypal.com/signup/account

A session usually lasts 50 minutes and the cost is 30 euros per session.

Yes, if you wish a face-to-face session you can send an email to contact@listenintoyou.com and we shall link you with the therapist of your choice.

If you cannot attend a session you will need to notify 24 hours in advance. Then you and the therapist will need to agree on a different time to meet online. If during a chat session there is a power cut you will be contacted by the therapist through text message or email and the session will resume at a time agreed between you.

All our chats are handled entirely via tawk.to.  All communication is over 128bit Secure Socket Layer and all data is housed on encrypted servers. This ensures that your data remains private and confidential. Only your therapist will have access to your chat sessions.

Sometimes it can be difficult to reach out for support or to recognize when it is time to talk to a professional.  It's important to bear in mind that the sooner you talk about your issues the better your chances are of making a more rapid recovery. 

Here are a few questions that you might ask yourself before reaching a decision. Is your issue spilling over other areas in your life such as school, work and relationships? Are you trying to cope with the problem by eating, smoking, drinking or venting more on others? Have things stayed the same or got worse despite all your efforts?  Are the people around you worried about your moods? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you may wish to seriously consider professional support.

Confidentiality is the heart of psychotherapy.   Your psychotherapist  is professionally and ethically bound to keep private everything that is said in therapy.  However a therapist may need to divulge information if it comes to light that someone is threatening to harm him/herself or others.

Listenin To You offers therapeutic services that are specifically tailored to each client's needs.  We aim to help you make positive changes in your life whatever your issue/s.  For example through therapy you may need find yourself feeling more confident and having less negative thoughts.  Or you may discover new and more effective ways of communicating with others in our life, thus improving your relationships.  Therapy can also help you learn how to cope with issues like anxiety and/or depression.

Whatever your presenting issue, psychotherapy involves a process of undoing old habits and learning new ways.  It is a learning process that may need some time to evolve but if you truly want to feel your best it is well worth giving therapy a try.


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