Xanthe' Schembri

Xanthe’ Schembri

B. Psych. (Hons), MA. Gestalt Psychotherapy, MA. Social Policy (Melit)

Contemplating why you’re here?

Have you been feeling the need for professional support? Perhaps, you have been experiencing and facing certain difficulties within your life at the moment or maybe you wish to learn more about what you’re going through? Then you are at the right place with precise intentions. Looking out for support is the first step forward for your own self-growth and personal awareness. You must praise yourself for putting up with this effort and looking into options for your own benefit.

How can therapy give you the support you need?

Specifically, this is an online chat based service where therapy is provided online unless you wish otherwise. Like any other therapy sessions, this process can support you to go deeper into what you’re experiencing and delve into becoming closer to yourself, take certain decisions and build self-courage for your own life journey and instil courage as well as personal skills. This can take place through talking about it within a more comfortable and safe environment, with less possibility to expose yourself in front of a Psychotherapist. There is no specific number of sessions which should be held as this depends on your needs and aspirations for therapy, however as a Psychotherapist, I am more than happy to guide you and discuss this with you. Every individual is unique and everyone can respond to therapy differently but everyone can surely self-benefit!


Wondering who am I?

I’m pleased that you wish to get to know me. I started my studies by getting a degree in Psychology with the intention to pursue a career in the mental health field, which is why I intended to become a Gestalt Psychotherapist. In the past five years, I worked in different settings but most specifically with young people, adolescents and their guardians, besides specialising in training and development as well as social policy. Indeed, I can provide therapeutic support for relationship and family dynamics, getting to know yourself, self-esteem, confidence, social anxiety, stress, loneliness and sadness.

On a more personal note, I love meeting friends for long chats and coffee, spending time with loved ones or at the beach, travelling and making memories. Oh, and I love animals especially my cats!