Cookies Policy


What is a cookie?

The term "cookie" refers to several technologies that make it possible to perform online browsing tracking or behavioural analysis of website users. These technologies are multiple and constantly evolving. There are, in particular: cookies, tags, pixels and JavaScript code.

A cookie is a small text file saved by the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone which keeps limited user data to facilitate browsing and allow certain features, e.g. online logins.

There are two types of cookies:

  • first party cookies, by Listenintoyou for the purposes of browsing and the operation of the site;
  • third-party cookies from third-party partner companies to identify your interests and send you personalised offers. These third-party cookies are directly managed by the companies that publish them and must also comply with the data protection regulations.

You can find out more about cookies here:


Why are cookies, tags & trackers used?

Cookies that we use on our site allow us:

  • to allow you to access reserved and personal areas of our site (e.g. your account, through login information)
  • to implement security measures (e.g. when you are asked to log back into your account after a period)
  • to share information on social networks. As such, cookies are used to share on these networks


How to configure cookies, tags & trackers

Listenintoyou collects your prior consent to the use of social network sharing cookies in accordance with data protection law.

At any time, you can express and modify your wishes in terms of cookies, by the means described below.


Configuration of your web browsing software

You can set your web browsing software so that cookies are saved in your device or, on the contrary, are blocked ‒ either systematically or depending on their source. You may also configure your web browsing software so that you are prompted each time to allow or block cookies before a cookie can be saved to your device.


How do you implement your preference based on the browser you use?

To manage cookies and your preferences, each browser is configured in a different way. It is described in your browser's help menu, which will explain to you how to modify your cookie preferences:


Configuration of your smartphone operating system

You can control the use of cookies on your smartphone in the operating system rules.